Primos Truth X Cam 62 Camera

PRIMOS HUNTING CALLS Truth X Cam – The Truth X Cam 62 from Primos is a powerful 7.0 megapixel camera with 62 infrared LEDs for night vision. Capable of capturing both still and video images, the Truth X offers a 65-foot nighttime range. However, if you want to conserve battery life, the number of active LEDs is user selectable. The Truth X comes pre-configured with standard settings. In addition, this color screen allows you to view captured images immediately and delivers a live screen preview so that you can set the camera up for the most desirable field of view. The Truth X boasts trigger speeds of just under one-second out sleep mode and the camera can be set for multi-shot bursts of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 images per triggering. The daytime image resolution can be set as high as 7.0 megapixels and the nighttime resolution can be set as high as 5.0 megapixels. All images are stamped with date, time, temperature, and moon phase information

Specifications for Primos Truth X Cam 63040:

Mfg Item Num:  63040
Supplier SKU:  75454
Privacy Codes:  Yes
Type:  Game Camera
Function:  Pictures and Video
Range:  65 Ft Night Range
Battery:  4-D Cell
Screen Type:  2.5″ Color Screen
Waterproof:  Water Resistant
BackLight:  No
Color:  Camo

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Primos Truth X Cam Black Out Do Not Disturb Game Camera

Like the Truth X Cam, the Truth X Cam BLACKOUT™ provides the ultimate trail camera experience. The Truth Cam X BLACKOUT™ captures exceptional images out to 50 feet during night hours employing the full power of its 62 blackout LEDs. The Blackout LEDs produce no visible light that is undectable to animals and humans. Trigger speeds are super quick at just under 1 second out of sleep mode and daytime image resolution can be set as high as 7.0 MP and nighttime at 5.0 MP. Captured images or video can be viewed on the spot through the unit’s 2.5-inch color screen, which is great for hunters headed to the stand that day and trying to determine if and when deer are on the move at that location. The same screen can also be used to get a live screen preview for setting the camera for a perfect field of view every time. Multi-shot bursts can be set to take 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 images per triggering. The Truth Cam X BLACKOUT offers additional security features such as password protection for operating the camera. It’s available in all black and includes a heavy-duty hook strap.

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